21st Century Skills

With the hope of strengthening American education, the  21st Century Skills is a partnership that has developed a set of vision for 21st century learning . It describes the skills, knowledge and expertise students must possess in order to be successful in work and life. Their wish is to equip high school students with all the skills and training they need in order to cope with today’s global economy. The skills arranged as a rainbow figure represent the important outcomes suited for 21st century. It includes Learning and Innovation Skills, Information, Media and Technology Skills, Core Subjects and 21st Century Themes and Life and Career Skills. The skills are aligned with the standards set by the International Society for Technology in Education National Educational Technology Standards for students, teachers and administrators.

The framework has support systems allowing the optimum development of students. It includes the  21st Century Standards, Assessments, Curriculum and Instruction, Professional Development and Century Learning Environments.

The existence of these standards are clear manifestation of how technology has affected our lives, how it changed our environment, activities, way of life and it is continuous. It is also fast evolving. The urgency and importance for us educators  to align our skills with the demands of time is right on our face and it is not only in terms of technology. The confidence and competence of educators in facilitating classes with technology would only be guaranteed through intensive training and practice, proper environment and support. At times the educators themselves are learners too.


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