Get Prepared for IELTS

The most important thing to remember in IELTS preparation is to actually GET READY to sit for the test and aim for the highest score possible. You don’t want to take it several times before getting the required score. Click the short video to help you get a head start in maximizing the British council website.


How to prepare for IELTS?

It is important to know what to expect when sitting for the test. The link that follow will lead you the British Councils specific webpages explaining each part of the test. Before checking each test, click this link to understand the test format. For PRACTICE, understand the format thoroughly and prepare a 5 minute talk explaining IELTS format.

Final Activities

Follow each link and complete the task. Do the sample test modules as directed and send me your answers.

1. Listening Test

* Download and print the sample answer sheet for listening to familiarize yourself and learn how to fill it out.

* Attempt the Listening Practice test and check your answer right away.

* Click here for tips and advice.

2. Reading Test

* Download and print the sample answer sheet for reading. (In the actual test, you will be given only 1 sheet – 1 page for Listening and

the other side for reading)

* Attempt the Academic Reading Practice test or the General Training and check your answer right away.

* Click here for tips and advice.

3. Writing test

* Attempt the Writing Test: Academic or General Training.

* Read the model answer (Academic or General Training) only after you attempted the test.

4. Speaking Test

* Attempt the Speaking test. For this part, record your answer using one of the application that we used already in class.

* Send me the url of your video.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

The following are lessons on specific skills which are challenged in IELTS. Take the time to study each and practice.


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