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Welcome to IELTS Free Preparatory Course

This course is intended to help you gain intensive knowledge about IELTS. This will provide you the basic information on the test structure, dates, where to take it, how to prepare for the test and some very useful links to support your self-learning. There will be presentations, videos, activities  and practices that will make your preparation fun and exciting. You will have to do the activities accordingly and send your response through the links that I provided on each activity. Along with your IELTS journey are the different online apps which you might know already. If in case some of the apps are new to you, I encourage you to try your best to learn it by simply following the steps provided. One important skill in getting a high score in IELTS is one’s ability to understand and follow instructions.

Let’s start the journey!

How are we going to communicate?

As a student, you are expected to follow each step and do all the activities. You are also expected to email me your works, comments, questions or any concerns you have at I will check your work in a timely manner and answer your emails within 24 hours.

Click this link to open the Course Overview. Read and understand thoroughly the schedule, activities and assignments to be completed. You will have to sign up for Google Drive for this online course. The following video will show you how to create, share and understand the benefits of using Google Docs. It will be our medium of generating and sharing documents in this course. Follow these simple steps or watch the video below.

Click the image below to get you started with Google Docs. At the end of the video, do TASK 1.

Google Docs Tutorial

google docs tutorials

If you are having difficulties in following the video, I added a link of a written version of Google Doc Tutorial. You may find it long and taxing but remember, we are trying to improve our English proficiency.


Task 1: 

1. Log on to your newly created Google Drive account, open a new document and type the title IELTS Preparatory Course Task 1 – (your name).

2. Write an introduction about yourself and your background in the use of the English language. In another paragraph, explain what you understand about IELTS (do not consult any resources – yet) and why you are intending to take the test. Your work should be more than 150 words (practice writing). You may attach your photograph to put a face on the name.

3. Once you are done with Task number 1, go to Sharing Settings and be sure to link me (add my email address). Check Can comment under Access too.

can com

You are now ready to copy the url, paste and send it to my email.