Manuscript… What?

Last night, I talked to my brother via Skype about my ideas on this project and he was like, “You… seriously, are writing a book?” so, I explained that I always wanted to write children’s book and I have an idea for the first one. We discussed the challenges that I am facing in doing this project like the manuscript, illustrations, packaging (front cover and the physical appearance of the book. Almost all my brothers are good in illustrating. I have six brothers and I wish all of them to have a break in sharing their talents.

First is the manuscript. My initial plan is writing my first book for 4-8 years old, the theme is on body parts and moms, My story will evolve around my mom. I grew up seeing my mom round and about the house, working non-stop, talking to us nonstop and always have us in her thoughts and plans. She is a very simple lady who barely wore make-up. We always come first for her; a person who is giving and caring. It’s hard to see her now – weak and slow. It’s very disheartening to witness her sufferings for she was a strong spirited fellow, jolly and fast. No problem is big for my mom, She always have this thinking brain assuring everyone that everything’s going to be okay. I remember my mom’s eyes – full of attention and understanding, her hands – working until they tire to give us what we need… and the list can go on and on. I want to honor her as I see her in my mind. To celebrate her sacrifices and hard work and her big, big love – I’ll emphasize her body parts which reminds me of all the love she has.

I look at this book as an opportunity for young children to be more aware of their body parts and reflect on what it can do to show love, caring, compassion. So, the question is, how am I going to develop a manuscript.

This is my initial draft (in Bold). I’ll add my edits in red because I wish to document my steps in improving it and be able to look back from where I started.

My mom is a warm tummy. (I’m thinking of stomach but it’s not accurate) That’s where I slept and grew big for nine months. She was careful because she love me so much.

My Mom is is a pair of fast feet. The feet which brought me to places and showed me things. She they walked me through a lot of things and experiences to teach me so that I would be prepared in about life.

My mom is a pair of brawny legs. Legs that are They are so strong and fast to that they could reach me before I fall.

My mom is a (comfy) lap. It is where I sit while she’s when she hugging hugs me when I am sad or when I’m not my strongest. Same lap where I cheer when I have a happy news to tell or It is also a nap lap when I can’t am finding it hard to asleep.

My mom is a pair of spy eyes. They taught me eyes which made me to see things that are beautiful pretty, meaningful and worthy to see. Same The eyes which celebrate my every joy and good job. They tirelessly tell me quietly to always do the right thing.

My mom is a pair of elephant ears. They  ears which are always ready to listen to my thoughts, my fears, my good news, my reasons and even my every non-sense. The ears which patiently tells me that she’ll that whispers they’ll never let me down.

My mom is a funny nose. The nose which It could smell when I am good and when I am not my best. The nose that tells me that I know better. Most of all, it never fail to conclude when I need to take a bath or when I need a time out.

My mom is a big an honest mouth. Oh! Yes. The mouth which It tirelessly tells me that I am loved  The same mouth that guides me in achieving  and that I shouldn’t stop finding the best that I can be. It is the mouth that cheers me when I am lonely and which humbles me when I am wrong.

My mom is a broad shoulder. I lean on it when I feel weak or to simply get close. It is the shoulder that catches my tears and my fears.

My mom is a warm chest. It is the perfect place to rest my head when it is tired. It come with a perfect beats that puts me to sleep.

My mom is a pair of loving arms. It could stretch around me and squeeze me tight. It has the sweetest embrace in the whole world.

My mom is a huge brain. From morning until night, it plans. It could think of only good stuff that makes me happy, contented and better.

My mom is a pair of hardworking hands. The hands that never stop to care. It cook, it wash, it clean and brush. It touches my forehead when I am sick and taps my shoulder when when I prepare for school quick.

And for all the things that she has done.., I wish to give back the best part of me.

I Heart You Mom. (This is what I am thinking for an ending and title too)




The book is going to be colored to make it attractive for young readers.

Square pages – left page for illustrations and the opposite page for the words

Hardbound – suitable for younger readers



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