My Teaching Philosophy

“It is a must for teachers to be passionate learners for life.” As a teacher, I believe in continuous learning. Finishing a teaching degree is not the ultimate goal in preparing oneself to be an exemplary educator. It is the start of the never ending process of learning, re-learning, e-learning and at times unlearning too. It is of great importance for teachers to cope with the times, update and upgrade their skills and learn the many things surrounding education – be it a trend, technology innovation, new philosophies, new teaching strategies and new techniques along with the task of “learning” each and every student who come their way. By being a passionate learner, a teacher will be more equipped to better understand the ever evolving educational processes and how to best design a learning atmosphere that will enable utmost development.

What do I mean by learning? Learning is the sum total of all the experiences, learning environment and structures put together while placing each individual learner at the center. Why “individual”? Each learner is unique and therefore learn differently. Learner’s capabilities, needs and challenges must be properly addressed in every learning situation to guarantee the best learning experience for each one. A successful learning situation is where goals are achieved by each and every learner regardless of their varying capabilities and challenges. It is my utmost desire as an educator to treat each learner as unique individuals with a unique way of learning. It is my task to facilitate positive learning experience and inspire them to achieve their full potentials, challenge their limitations and have a passion to continuously learn and grow. It is vital therefore that I prepare a learning environment that is safe, respectful, stimulating, challenging, and fun!

My concept of teaching is not that of a sage but a facilitator, a mentor and a “learning-environment-engineer”. Learning is more meaningful when it is something that learners can own. I see learners as partners in planning and constructing my practice. Since learning is centered to them, it is therefore important to include them in these important aspects of teaching and learning designs. As a teacher, I would like to see my students discover things for themselves, ask questions and practice skills in authentic situations while constructing knowledge. Providing them the timely opportunities to build and reinforce skills that are essential and relevant to their life and interests is of utmost importance.

As an educator, I’ll make it sure that each individual learner respects him/herself, respects one another and respects the environment. The learning atmosphere will allow students to be responsible, creative, happy and empowered where each one will learn to appreciate and celebrate their successes – be it tiny or great.



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