Learning by Clicker… Really?

I read the article and read it again and I couldn’t help but ask… really? Do we really need that in classrooms? Smart Boards? Yes. but clickers? Call me old school but my first reaction was – “I don’t think so, we don’t need that.” I honestly consider it a little too much. Sure technology change our habits and practices but if the teacher is creative enough to engage her/his students clickers are not necessary. Use of clickers sounds fun for sure but it’s like stripping the teacher some of the necessary skills in building relationship with students. I can see the students more engaged with the device rather than the teacher.

I looked for other articles that can explain it better and here’s what I found:

Aside from guaranteed engagement (assuming that everyone has one and would really care pressing the button of their choice), take attendance, promotes discussion and critical thinking, clickers are excellent for large group of students/audience to get easy response to questions and help in directing the class to more meaningful teaching-learning, It also “gamifies” classroom teaching-learning processes (when will the children learn to be serious?) and it helps the teachers in participation recording and grading.

It’s undeniably useful but in the real world, not everything is about pushing a button… or is it? (Now I’m confused.)


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