Through one of your reflections explain what you understand NETs to be and could it be of value to Saskatchewan students and teachers?

Published by the International Society for Technology in Education, the NETS or the National Educational Technology Standards sets standards/benchmarks for k-12 education. It aligns the teaching-learning process with technology thus enabling students to learn effectively and be productive in the ever evolving digital age. As technology continues to develop, education must be ready to embrace it, live with it and take advantage of it. Some of the  benefits of the NETS include: improving higher-order thinking skills, making future manpower competitive, promotes student-centered, project-based, and online learning environments. It also guides systemic change in schools on creating digital places of learning and inspires  digital age professional models for working, collaborating, and decision-making. It has categories defining the standards for students, teachers, administrators, coaches and computer science educators.

Technology penetrates each and everyone’s lives whether we like it or not; and this reality will carry on. It is therefore of great value to acquire all the necessary skills on how we can take full advantage of these technological advancements. Indispensable as it is, we might as well learn to live with it and evolve with it. Everyone involved in education should be consciously participating in these advancement since it affects everyone. Having standards such as the NETS into our curriculum would ensure, somehow, the involvement of everyone in the process. If we have set standards such as this, then the mandate to learn with and through technology would be at least guaranteed.


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