Technology in the classroom

Technology is a bitter-sweet-sweet reality. Whether we like it or not, it’s here and we have no choice but to embrace it and max out its good use. It’s inevitable, necessary and evolving. It is “sweet-sweet” because it offers a lot that make our lives easier; “bitter” because it is not the same for everyone in terms of access for example (like in poorer countries/communities.) Bitter for older generations who are still struggling with technologies’ fast-paced development, evolution, etc (don’t forget the price and how fast they change).

I have been to high-tech classrooms such as classrooms here in Canada, in central Beijing, in Dubai and Singapore and my jaw dropped quite a lot of times. I had also witnessed classrooms in poor areas. In both scenarios, technology is present but it differ in terms of access, availability, amounts, offered exposures/use, kinds (not to mention – the models and brands).

Teaching and making students adapt to the changes in society where technology plays a huge part is very important. We want the students to leave our classrooms equipped with skills that are necessary in the world out there. If we are to produce graduates who will be productive once they’re out, every student should be groomed holistically and technological skill is definitely one essential part.

Every student and teacher should benefit from whatever essential technology is out there available; learn it, manipulate it, use it. Not every home can have every piece of technology, maybe not in Canada, but in poor communities, access is one primary issue. If classrooms are technologically-equipped, then at least, more students will have an access to it.


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