To Read or Not to Read

I think, deciding whether to read or not to read a material (print, cyber,billboards, etc.) nowadays won’t even take a minute. The tremendous amount of information we receive every minute of the day is possibly the major culprit in our lost or lessened interest to really grab, scan thoroughly and read with enthusiasm every article that comes before our eyes. Most of the info we come across are almost always meaningless for various reasons.

We have other options of accessing information, so “why read it when you can hear and watch it?”  I can still remember how my dad would yell at us every time we touched a page of his morning paper, most specially the Sunday issue. It felt like a spoiled treasure after we put our hands on it. We could touch it only to make paper money, paper hats, Dixie cups, etc when it’s at least a week old; which meant, he got his new Sunday issue. Funny it may sound but it says a lot about how “technology” changed our society. Print is not anymore precious as it was 20 -30 years ago (at least according to me.)  Anything that would be difficult to access would be precious anyway – if not expensive. Nowadays, prints are cheaper and at times no longer necessary since you can access it via internet or through some other forms.

Three blogs are created every minute. Therefore, for a blog to stand out, it should possess certain qualities.  According to Weiberg of Techipedia, there are eleven characteristics of highly influential blog/bloggers.  It includes consistency, eloquence, uniqueness, specific, personal, analytical, detailed, thought-provoking, passion, instructional and  networked. She gave a throrough explanation regarding each characteritic plus very good examples of blog sites  and bloggers. I enjoyed the most what was said about `passion.`Though it sounded more like of a crusade, if a blogger has passion in what he`s writing, then readers will follow. In addition to these characteristics, it is also important to keep the professional (or at least neat, non-cluttery) look of a blogsite. This will surely add to its credibility.


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