TPACK stands for technology, pedagogy, and content knowledge). It is a framework for teacher knowledge integrating technology to the whole teaching-learning process. It explains a rather complex interrelationships between and among the core knowledge components, i.e. content, pedagogy, and technology. The interactions of these three result to another three combined knowledge between the different bodies. The meeting of all these right at the center is TPACK; which goes beyond all three core components. The framework simply defines the educator to be an “expert” if he/she knows how to integrate these components and apply it in teaching as much as possible.

I enjoyed reading and interpreting the model. It’s fun and indeed easy to understand. However, I don’t think it is as simple as it was drawn. It would be easy to say that you have to be right at the center to be called “effective” or expert in computer age. To learn a piece of technology might be easy for some but hard for others. Like students, teachers are once again students in learning the different technologies. Educators not only learn it but also need to have some time to practice and master the same before putting it into use inside the classrooms. Not every school have all the technologies available and if they do, maybe not all the classrooms will have it. Schools and districts who can afford these technologies will have better edge in the future if that would be the trend in future employments. Education is supposed to be a universal right but with the infusion of technology (which is of course undeniably necessary) it’s becoming more of an enterprise.

TPACK however is an excellent framework to follow specially for those who have access to the different technologies available.



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